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JOE SHEPKER Hello, my name is Joe Shepker. i am an abstract modernism artist based in the US. My work is based on how I display emotion, Whether it be my own emotions at the time or how I think something

JOE MERCER A digital collage which presents the feeling often associated with depression of having no motivation or will. The effort you put into feeling becomes a burden and slowly escapes you. You feel as though your consciousness could lift our

JOEY CHAPMAN As an artist you often don’t realize what has been weighing on your mind until it spills out of you. After educating myself on human rights and the Black Lives Matter movement, this woman poured out of me onto

ALESSANDRO CAPODICI Questa immagine raffigura uno specchio della mente dell’autore, ponendo sugli occhi sognanti la scritta “Sogni Sporchi”. L’autore vuole far riflettere sul fatto che quando si pensa a qualcosa come i sogni, si pensa spesso a qualcosa di puro, mentre

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