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My Elephant

IMG_20200516_150444 (2)

My Elephant


During lockdown, I have had a lot more down time to myself. It has given me a chance to focus on my artwork so I decided that I would work on a bigger project. My new year’s resolution this year was to be more sustainable, this included upcycling clothes and recycling old materials. This inspired me when I found an old bed sheet at home that we do not use anymore and thought I could make a wall tapestry out of it. I started making some new designs during quarantine and this elephant is one such design. Ganesh is the Hindu god that brings good luck and removes obstacles, who also has an elephant’s head so it is almost fitting to have an elephant watching over me on my wall throughout these trying times and in the future.

A5, watercolour. Instagram: @thesarkyartist

Not for sale unfortnately.

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