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painting realized with tempera colours, oil colours, oil pastels, pencils and markers on paper.

A3 format (29×42)

realized during April 2020

ig: @canetardo

How I’ve been during the lockdown? Well, not exactly good but I’ve found relief in expressing all my problems through art. In particular, this painting represents all my anger and frustration of feeling alone and lonely, far from home and friends, just you coming to terms with your mind. I’ve had many uncomfortable thoughts during these months but I’ve finally accept the fact that mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression are common more than we think and people need to stop hiding them and making them a taboo, because they’re often part of a natural period of our life and, with the right assistance, they can help us growing. This painting is an outlet for my negative emotions, showing them to the world and telling people: you’re not alone!

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