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Mind Lake


Mind Lake


During COVID-19 isolation, I had lots of time to think.

During this time, I came to see my thoughts as water, a flowing and dynamic form. Some of my thoughts would run like streams in down my consciousness, gushing so quickly I couldn’t keep up with my swirling brain. Some thoughts pooled and collected, in large ‘mind lakes’ where I could examine their darkness and lightness duality.  This inspired the painting ‘Mind Lake’, which illustrates the stagnate thoughts that exist in the ecosystem of my brain. The painting shows the healthy bright thoughts swirling with the darky murky ones. It shows the varying moods, textures and landscapes of my brain, all contained within the structure of mountains, which are friends, family and passions which contain and shape thoughts. The mind lake, like life – is all blanketed under the bright heavens of the imagination, the endlessness component of the human brain.   

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