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This painting depicts our present day pandemic: COVID19, the new virus that has recently affected people all across the world. No one is free to go around to do anything while they are held up inside facing quarantine. Businesses are closed and shutting down, people are slowly losing their money, and overall a number of restrictions and regulations have been created since the pandemic started. Here I try to represent the medical field workers and how they are stuck in hospitals, working non-stop attending to patients. They have no choice but to combat the virus and help those in need, risking their own lives to save many more.

I show the virus taking control of a nurse, who appears to be severely injured with torn skin and bloodstained clothes. The background is quite chaotic, with a void-like splotch in the middle submerging most of the colors. The nurse is in a position of helplessness as her hands and feet are tied by the virus, unable to escape it as she continues to do her job.


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