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the view

Evdokia Georgiou - the view

the view


Acrylic and resin on canvas

Through her artworks, Evdokia Georgiou aims to re-create images of the surrounded forms and situations in nature, society and human’s daily life. Evdokia wishes to invite the audience in a playful and yet multidimensional artworks to challenge the different aspects in a society. Therefore, the artist illustrates the progressive direction of beings and the need of sustainability and consciousness towards the change in the social and private realms. 

Artist biography

Evdokia  is an artist based in Limassol of Cyprus and she owns an Art workshop for her Art practice. Evdokia Georgiou is the Art Curator of the Exhibit 8 Gallery in the heart of the Limassol’s city in Cyprus. The last two years, she is an active member of board of the Cyprus Organisation of Education through Arts. As a Fine Art graduate of University of Kent; Evdokia, in 2015, she was short-listed for the CVAN Platform Graduate Award. In addition, Evdokia has participated in several exhibitions as an artist and in events, as the designer and the leader of Art workshops in Cyprus, Hungary, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom. She also had her first Solo Exhibition in Cyprus in 2019 and participated in 2018 in Biennale Larnaca. Evdokia’s artwork ‘Kapnistiri’ is part of the Imago Mundi collection since 2018 and presented in Trieste in Italy. 


Instagram: ev.geo
Facebook: Evdokia Shorru Georgiou



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