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Lost Souls of Isolation

Lost Souls of Isolation


 Acrylic on canvas. 20” x 20”

 Even though in Australia, were allowed to go outside with your family, there’s still a feeling of a lack of connection between people. Everyone is separate unto themselves. The quietness, no background murmur of people chatting and laughing. Unsettling.

Way Through the Chaos

acrylic on cotton canvas 20” x 20”

We are separated from the rhythm of nature. Our rhythm is out of sync, chaotic. I chose the colours of the ocean and red to represent pain, loss, and blood. The blue wave is finding its rhythm.

Hurricane Rose

Acrylic and pen on paper. 8.3”x11.3”

 Thoughts were swirling around threatening to drag me down towards depression and apathy. So I let it all flow out in the painting and it turned into a flower, a rose. Beauty with a promise of life and a future.

The Blue Vortex

 acrylic’s and pen on 330 gsm acid free paper.

 Thoughts swirling, of the future, part, what’s going to happen, Spanish fly, never shaking hands, grief from deaths from Corona virus, mixed up with grief from those lost in the past. All swirling around and threatening to drag me deeper.

Searching for Connection

 27.5”x19.5”  acrylic on 330 acid free gsm paper

 An abstract work which represents connections between people – the light, the vibe. It is also reminiscent of neutrons with synapses jumping.

Lightning Connection

 acrylic’s in acid free paper 330gsm paper

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