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Isolated Silence


Isolated Silence


Inspired by artists including Jono Dry and Lucian Freud, ‘Isolated Silence’ is a metaphor for the effects Corona Virus (COVID-19) is having on society, in particular, The elderly, those with Mental Illnesses (seen in the rise of suicides since lockdown commenced) and addicts (seen in many relapsing). In this blog post, I would like to uncover these metaphoric meanings:

Firstly, I have chosen to warp the figure in a distorted way to reflect the fluidity of water. The fluid anatomy is a metaphor for the unstable emotions of those with mental illnesses are experiencing, and how its only getting worse due to therapy, etc, being less available (due to facility and staff shortages) since the start of lockdown. It also creates a disturbing atmosphere within the piece which mirrors how we are generally feeling since quarantine started- how everything seems almost ‘unnatural’.

Moreover, I have strategically shaded this piece to make the skin look like a layer of water on the surface, achieved through pencil stroke and highlight direction and form. Once more, a metaphor for those individuals with deteriorating mental health. The pitch black background creates that sense of Isolation.

Furthermore, the horns are a metaphor for the animalistic and primal traits that are becoming more apparent amongst some individuals. This can be seen through people literally fighting over food and essentials in shops despite not having a shortage of such items. In ways, it seems like these individuals are morphing into animals.

Finally, The hands warping into the figures face mirrors a face mask (a motif of COVID-19). I wanted this to imply that those who are unable to receive the emotional help that they need, literally feel like they are silenced (no one to talk to) and thus, suffocating on their own emotions. Also, the hands digging in the eyes of the figure symbolises being blinded, blinded to the short/long term effects of Corona Virus and an uncertainty amongst many.

An original Art piece by Sam Barroso

A2 Mixed medium COVID-19 

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