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Pearl overflows

105 Pearl overflows

Pearl overflows


I like to experiment with different techniques and try something new. Most often I work with watercolours. For me, this is a way of expression. I find the plastic and the line of the human figure incredibly charming and attractive. Movements and statics have the same power of transmitting the inner experiences of a person, and this is amazing.

The presented works are digital illustrations performed in Adobe Photoshop during the lockdown. Max dimension of print copy 100×100 cm. 

“Pearl overflows” is the series of works inspired by photographs of Ira Bordo. The tenderness and elegance of colour have become a very interesting object for work. I wanted to work with shades on small nuances and play with colour.

“Lazy hand”. During isolation, it requires incredible strengths to push yourself to work. 

“Vietnamese” inspired by the image of Anh Wisle. 

“Lilac ennui”- the lack of fresh “air” and the constant presence of emotional emptiness. 

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