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 It’s while painting that I feel most fulfilled and free to express my truest self. 

Similar to meditation, I treat the process of painting as a practice of self awareness by observing and re-creating that which each passing moment has to offer.  By using paint to further explore developing thoughts and feelings, I strive to release internal emotional conflict through an unconstrained stream of consciousness in order to further discover myself and connect with the world around me. Through sporadic brush strokes and scribbles, faces and figures begin to appear and an abstract narrative starts to form. The result is a visual story that is encouraged to be felt rather than be understood.

 After experiencing the impact creating art has had on me, I’m driven to inspire others to act on their potential despite their fears and push forward despite their pain. I believe that by audaciously and genuinely following our individual passion, we are given an opportunity to attain a long-lasting sense of fulfillment: fulfillment that is brought through finding and expressing what is already inside us, rather than consuming more of what is not us.

Oil painting on 16”x20” Aspire Art Board

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