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Sweat Painting ” Part of Our World”

Sweat Painting ” Part of Our World”


Sweat Painting, “Part of Our World” This was made in quarantine, I have to make the Sweat fresh, I work out over my paintings after I paint them. 

“My creation of Sweat Painting was born of a yearning for self reconstruction  and self recognition in a chaotic world at a critical time in my life. As creatures of comfort, it is simpler to remain in the realm of safety.  To explore the many uncomfortable facets of self, to recognize these and to confront them, it takes a certain level of practice in meditation and some form of therapy to overcome. With that being said, as an artist, I turned to  painting, as an advocate for self care, I turned to fitness, and by combining the two, I created Sweat Painting.”

Sweat Painting
and Watercolor

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