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The Real Superheroes

The Real Superheroes


Thank God, and may God bless the first responders to this worldwide conflict.

This was the first piece I did during my time in Covid-19 quarantine and stay at home orders. What began as a small gesture to family and friends and a few of those who are starting this conflict directly in the face everyday, turned into a social media post that in turn was seen by thousands of people. My hope is that this serves as a reminder in history to thank God, and may God bless those who are willing to give when it is most difficult so that we can hopefully soon get back to a life of somewhat normalcy.

This is a 28cm X 33cm digital piece. The logo in the bottom right corner I created specifically to give those who are actively supporting the preventative and reactive actions that have been taken a badge of honor and unity during a time of unprecedented conflict.

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